PlainTone Videoing

Production of Music Videos

The thought behind this name is ‘simplicity.’ PlainTone is the place for my videos, generally. One can compare the term with acoustic instruments that give absolute reality. I came to know that a digital instrument does not come close in sound to some acoustic instrument, or at least it is possible with some acoustic instrument to create a situation that is more fascinating than sound produced digitally. Especially on the guitar, I am able to use reverberation to maybe hypnotise the listener.

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[ Singing Bowl, Piano ] - new things (09:17)
[ Hand Drum, Piano ] - impressive techniques (10:06)

[ Guiro, Flute ] - that is my road (08:14)

[ Electric Guitar, Clavi. ] - every day anew (07:01)

[ Classical Guitar, Phaser E.Piano ] - sometimes (07:13)
[ Trumpet, Guiro Shaker ] - finally it works (08:52)

[ Egg Maracas, Piano ] - little things (08:27)

[ Piano, Mini Bongos ] - it's work for me (10:07)

[ Glockenspiel, Piano Cymbals ] - it belongs (06:05)


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