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In my opinion, my style of dancing is new. One can compare it to conducting, at least the hands have such movements. I gave it a genre: Nebula Step Dance. It should describe the softness in the figures. I am not having any knowledge of dancing. Also, I am lacking words to describe it. It is all about beauty - the beauty in feeling good. When the muscles are warm, the spirit is lively. ‘Nebula Step Dance’ is improvised throughout.

20180615 - light silliness (05:53)
20180409 - brighter days again (08:12)

20180111 - my own energy (04:20)

20160927 - possibilities (06:13)


Attention, Warning

Perhaps, my music is not right for people with some mental illness.
The suitable age for all video recordings is 21 and above.
This music can cause daydreaming when one is driving a vehicle.


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